Aloe Studio


Thoughts on Inktober 2017


This month, I decided to take on the Inktober challenge. I've always loved patterns, and ever since I discovered surface design a few years ago, I've wanted to try it. For the project, I decided I would create a different repetitive pattern every day, experimenting with different inks, layering and styles to create a wide range of prints.

One skill I am working on for my personal projects is to share more of the process. When I'm working on something new for myself, I often end up reworking and refining forever, without sharing the work or getting outside feedback. Doing Inktober this year turned out to be a great way to get more comfortable with quickly executing and finishing ideas, since the goal is to post a new piece every day.

As the month progressed, I became more comfortable sharing my work on the same day. One of the things that encouraged me to keep posting was the positive feedback that I received from friends and the Inktober community on the patterns.

As a thank you for all the support I received this month, I've decided to release a handful of the patterns as free digital wallpapers over the next couple of months! I'm starting with the Oak pattern of leaves and acorns, which was the most loved print on Instagram. You can download the print in a burgundy and mustard color scheme below.

Overall, doing Inktober was a great experience. It was a way to challenge myself by sharing my work more openly, and working in a medium I've admired for a long time. Thank you so much for following along this month, and if you'd like, please stick around for a new wallpaper in a few weeks.

Cheers! - Janelle